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Lymond Lychester
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Lymond Lychester

Allegiance House Lychester[1]
Culture Rivermen[1]
Issue Sons[1]

Lymond Lychester is the lord and head of House Lychester.[1]

Appearance and Character

Lymond is an old done knight. He is a large man whose hair has turned grey with age.[1]

With the death of his sons in Robert's Rebellion, the old knight has become senile and inattentive. When spoken to, Lymond only smiles and mutters the story of his battle with Ser Maynard at the bridge.[1] Lymond's mind has become prone to wandering.[2][3]


Lord Lymond once held Ser Maynard at the bridge, taking six wounds before killing the other knight. There is no further information as to who Maynard was or where the bridge is located, though Lem and Anguy believe it to be the small bridge near Lychester's keep.[1]

All of Lord Lychester's sons died during Robert's Rebellion, fighting for one side or the other. The old knight has since become senile with age, and is now cared for by young Maester Roone.[1][2]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

The brotherhood without banners visits with Lord Lychester, but the old knight only repeats the story of his battle against Ser Maynard. Maester Roone gives them information on Lord Beric Dondarrion's supposed whereabouts, and directs them to find the Lady of the Leaves.[1]

A Feast for Crows

Ser Jaime Lannister spots the banner of House Lychester among those of the riverlords who have bent the knee and now aid House Lannister in the siege of Riverrun.[4]


Last known title holder:
Jon Lychester
Lord Lychester Incumbent