Lysa Farman

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Lysa Farman
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Allegiance House Farman
House Greyjoy (forcibly)
House Goodbrother (forcibly)
Culture Westermen
Spouse 1st: Lord Dalton Greyjoy (as a salt wife)
2nd: Gunthor Goodbrother (as a salt wife)
Book(s) Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Lysa Farman was a salt wife of Lord Dalton Greyjoy.[1]


Lysa was the daughter of Lord Farman of Faircastle. During the Dance of the Dragons, Lord Dalton Greyjoy captured Fair Isle claimed Lysa and three of her sisters as salt wives and gave another to his brother Veron.[2]

By 133 AC two of her sisters had perished. One of Lord Dalton's other salt wives, Tess, slit his throat, making Lysa a salt widow. Though the garrison was maintained by Alester Wynch and Gunthor Goodbrother, the latter slew the former in a quarrel over Lysa.[1]

Lysa's fate after Johanna Lannister's liberation of Fair Isle and invasion of the Iron Islands is unknown.[3]


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