Mallador Locke

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House Locke 2.svg Ser
Mallador Locke
Night's Watch.svg
Alias Malador Locke
Title Ser
Culture Northmen
Died In 299 ACbeyond the Wall

Mallador Locke[N 1] is a knight of the Night's Watch from House Locke.[1] Sweet Donnel Hill is his squire.[2]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Ser Mallador is part of the great ranging that leaves Castle Black in search of the wildlings. He commands the baggage train in the column.[3]

A Storm of Swords

Mallador agrees with Ser Ottyn Wythers and counsels a retreat to the Wall after the discovery of the massive wildling force descending on the Fist of the First Men. However, Thoren Smallwood convinces him to change his mind and he then sides with Thoren for a swift attack.[4] He presumably dies during the fight at the Fist, the ensuing retreat, or the mutiny at Craster's Keep, since he is not mentioned among the few survivors who return to Castle Black.[5]


Fewer wildlings means fewer worries. I won't mourn, whatever's become of them. Raiders and murderers, the lot of them.[3]

—Mallador to Jarman Buckwell


  1. He is referred to as "Malador Locke" in A Storm of Swords, Appendix