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Vaes Gorqoyi is a ruined city in Essos in the Dothraki sea, in the Kingdom of Sarnor. Named Mardosh by the Tall Men, it was known as the "City of Soldiers" and Mardosh the Unconquerable.[1]


During the Century of Blood, Mardosh defended itself against various Dothraki khalasars for six years. When the Mardoshi were driven to the point of starvation, their warriors slew their women and children before riding out of the city walls to certain defeat. The fall of Mardosh led to the remaining Sarnori to unite and march against the Dothraki at the Field of Crows. The ruins of Mardosh are now known by their Dothraki name, Vaes Gorqoyi, meaning "City of the Blood Charge".[1]


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