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Marei is theorized to be a bastard daughter of Tywin Lannister, fathered during his tenure as Hand of the King.

Supporting evidence

The following pieces of information can be seen as evidence:

  • Marei has green eyes and white-gold hair,[1] which matches the common physical traits of members of House Lannister.[2][3][4]
  • Marei is said to have a solemn demeanor, matching Tywin's personality.[5]
  • Marei was born in or before 280 AC,[6] which means that there is a good chance she was conceived during Tywin's tenure as Hand of the King, which lasted from 262 AC to 281 AC.[5]
  • A secret passageway leads from the brothel where Marei is employed to a stable three blocks underneath Rhaenys's Hill. According to Varys, the secret passageway was built on the orders of a Hand of the King "whose honor would not allow him to enter such a house openly".[7] The name of the Hand is not specified by Varys, but several readers have suggested that this description could fit Tywin.
  • When asked if Tywin had any bastard offspring, George R. R. Martin merely answered that "[Tywin]'d have you flogged for the mere suggestion."[8]

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