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Marlon Manderly
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Marlon by SquisherKing

Title(s) Ser
Commander of the garrison at White Harbor[1]
Allegiance House Manderly
Culture(s) Northmen
Born At White Harbor[1]
Book(s) A Feast for Crows (appendix)
A Dance with Dragons (appears)
Personal arms Three silvery mermaids upon a violet field[2]

Ser Marlon Manderly is a knight of House Manderly and cousin to the head of the house, Lord Wyman Manderly.[3] He is the commander of the garrison[4] at the New Castle in White Harbor.[3] His personal sigil is three silvery mermaids upon a violet field.[2]

Appearance and Character

Marlon is well over six feet tall (nearly a head taller than Davos Seaworth) and quite stout. The knight has a grey beard and slate-grey eyes.[3]

The frank Ser Marlon can be haughty and disdainful.[3]

Marlon wears ornate silver armor with niello engravings meant to look like flowing seaweed. His helm is modeled after the head of the Merling King, having a crown of mother-of-pearl and a beard of jet and jade.[3]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Marlon escorts Lord Davos Seaworth, an envoy of Stannis Baratheon, to the Merman's Court in the New Castle. Standing by the right hand of Lord Wyman Manderly, Marlon curtly questions Davos about Stannis's prospects. Wyman publicly orders his cousin to have Davos taken to the Wolf's Den and executed.[3] The Manderlys secretly spare Davos, however.[5]

Marlon accompanies Wyman Manderly to Winterfell, and protects him when they have conflicts with the Freys.[2]


Marlon: Your lordship asked the onion knight what Stannis offers us. Let me answer. He offers us defeat and death. He would have you mount a horse of air and give battle with a sword of wind.
Wyman: My cousin cuts to the bone, as ever.[3]

—Marlon and Wyman Manderly