Mazor Alexi

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Mazor Alexi
Mazor Alexi.jpg
Mazor Alexi as depicted in Game of Thrones: Histories & Lore.

Title High King of Sarnor
Allegiance Kingdom of Sarnor
Race Tall Men
Culture Sarnori
Died In Century of Blood, the Field of Crows
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Mazor Alexi was the last High King of the Kingdom of Sarnor.[1]


Prior to the fall of Mardosh to the Dothraki, the kings of the Sarnori had remained divided, but the destruction of the "City of Soliders" and all its population led them to put aside their petty rivalries and ambitions and unite under their High King. Mazor Alexi assembled a great army from up and down the Sarne and struck out east. In the tall grass between Sarnath and the ruins of Kasath, the Tall Men faced four khalasars, with a combined might of eighty thousand horselords, in a battle that would be known as the Field of Crows. The Sarnori chariots smashed through the center of the Dothraki horse, killing Khal Haro and causing his khalasar to retreat. Alexi and his mounted cavalry plunged in after them followed by the Sarnori foot but it was a trap, the fleeing Dothraki turned and unleashed a storm of arrows while the khalasars of Khals Qano and Zhako swept in from north and south, while Khal Loso and his screamers struck the Sarnori rear. Completely surrounded, Alexi's host was cut to pieces. A hundred thousand men died, Mazor Alexi among them.[1]


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