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Alias Merry
Allegiance Happy Port
Culture Braavosi

Meralyn, more commonly called Merry, is the proprietor of the Happy Port, a brothel near Ragman's Harbor in Braavos.[1]

Appearance and Character

Meralyn is an older woman[2] said to have a good heart, and she claims to have the largest breasts in Braavos.[1]

Merry charges three times more for young Lanna than her other prostitutes. She believes that mummers make better priests than actual priests.[1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Meralyn buys a dozen oysters from Cat (Arya Stark) whenever Cat passes by the Happy Port, and she shares them with her girls. Merry allows Dareon to sing to her girls.[1]

When Samwell Tarly visits the Happy Port in search of Dareon, Merry is turning tiles with a massive Summer Islander, Xhondo Dhoru. The proprietor has Sam tossed into the nearby canal after he punches the singer.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

Now serving the House of Black and White as a blind girl, Arya fondly recalls Merry and the Happy Port.[3]

Quotes by Meralyn

The boys unload the ships, and my girls unload the lads who sail them.[1]

—Meralyn to Cat

Quotes about Meralyn

Meralyn is her true name, but everyone calls her Merry, and she is.[1]

Cat to a sailor


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