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Mern IX Gardener
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Biographical Information
Full Name King Mern IX of the Reach
Other Titles King of the Reach
Lord of Highgarden
Died in , at the Field of Fire
Royal House House Gardener
Heir Edmund Gardener
Successor None
Issue Edmund Gardener
Gawen Gardener
Books A Game of Thrones (Mentioned)

King Mern IX Gardener, Lord of Highgarden was the last Gardener King of the Reach.[1]


After Aegon the Conqueror landed on Westeros, set on conquering the Seven Kingdoms. King Mern IX of the Reach and King Loren I of the Rock agreed to join forces and throw the invader back into the sea. The two armies met in the Reach, where the combined might of the Reach and the Rock broke Aegon's army. That was until Aegon and his sisters took to the sky with their dragons. Near four thousand men died that day, including King Mern IX.[2]

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