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House Liddle.svgMorgan Liddle
Middle Liddle
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MorganLiddle by Kevin McCoy.jpg
Morgan Liddle - by Kevin McCoy ©

Alias Middle Liddle[1]
Allegiance House Liddle
Culture Northern mountain clans
Born North[2]
Father Torren Liddle
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Morgan Liddle is the second son of Lord Torren Liddle, known as the Liddle, the clan chief of House Liddle, a mountain clan in the North.[3] Other northmen call him Middle Liddle, though not often in his hearing.[1] He is the heir apparant of his father Torren, as his elder brother, Duncan, is a sworn brother of the Night's Watch.


Morgan is a big, bearded, bald man. He wears a byrnie of patched and rusted mail.[4]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Morgan takes part in the retaking of Deepwood Motte in which he almost slays Asha Greyjoy.[4] Later, during the march to Winterfell, he apologizes to Asha for calling her a cunt in his battle lust, but not for trying to split her head open with an axe.[1]


Robin: This march was madness. More dying every day, and for what? Some girl?
Morgan: Ned's girl.[1]

Robin Peasebury and Morgan