Moro (Century of Blood)

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Title Khal
Race Dothraki
Culture Dothraki
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Moro was a khal who lived during the Century of Blood. He was the son of Khal Mengo, who had united all Dothraki in a single khalasar.[1]


Moro led the Dothraki to the gates of Sathar, the "Waterfall City" of the Sarnori. All men were put to the sword and their women and children carried off as slaves to the marts of the hill city of Hazdahn Mo, a colony of the Ghiscari Empire. Sathar was burned to the ground, and it is written that Moro gave the ruins a new name: Yalli Qamayi, the place of Wailing Children.[1]

Six years later, Moro razed Kasath to the ground, with the aid of the King of Gornath, who had taken one of Moro's daughters as wife and made common cause with him and sent aid to Moro's riders. Twelve years later, however, Moro was slain by Khal Horro.[1]


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