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Maester.svg Maester
Night's Watch.svg
Title Maester at the Shadow Tower
Culture Westeros

Mullin is the maester for the Night's Watch at the Shadow Tower.[1]


Mullin is considered more of a fighter than a true maester.[2]


Mullin was the maester at the Shadow Tower when Mance Rayder was stationed at the castle. When Mance was wounded by a shadowcat while ranging beyond the Wall, his fellow rangers took him to a nearby wildling village for treatment because they feared Mance would die before they could return to the Shadow Tower for Mullin's healing.[3]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

At the Shadow Tower, Maester Mullin tends to the wounds of Bowen Marsh after the fight at the Bridge of Skulls.[4]


Maester Mullin at the Shadow Tower is more fighter than scholar, and Maester Harmune of Eastwatch is drunk more than he's sober.[2]