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Allegiance Mance Rayder
Culture(s) Free folk
Father Tormund
Spouse(s) Longspear Ryk
Book(s) A Storm of Swords (appears)
A Feast for Crows (appendix)
A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

Munda is the daughter of Tormund Giantsbane, a chief of the free folk.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Jon Snow becomes attached to the war band of Munda's father, Tormund. She sings along during the song "The Last of the Giants".[2]

Munda fights back when Longspear Ryk comes to "steal" her.[3]

A Dance with Dragons

Tormund mentions to Jon that Munda and Ryk are now married, and she is well treated.[4]


Tormund: That Longspear stole me daughter. Munda, me little autumn apple. Took her right out o' my tent with all four o' her brothers about. Toregg slept through it, the great lout, and Torwynd ... well, Torwynd the Tame, that says all that needs saying, don't it? The young ones gave the lad a fight, though.

Jon: And Munda?

Tormund: She's my own blood. She broke his lip for him and bit one ear half off, and I hear he's got so many scratches on his back he can't wear a cloak. She likes him well enough, though. And why not? He don't fight with no spear, you know. Never has. So where do you think he got that name? Har![3]

Took that Longspear Ryk to husband, if you believe it. Boy's got more cock than sense, you ask me, but he treats her well enough. I told him if he ever hurt her, I'd yank his member off and beat him bloody with it.[4]