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Melissa Blackwood

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Melissa Blackwood
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Alias Mylessa Blackwood
Allegiance House Blackwood
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (Mentioned)

Lady Melissa Blackwood,[1][2] named in semi-canon sources as Mylessa Blackwood[3] and nicknamed Missy,[1] was the sixth mistress of King Aegon IV Targaryen and the mother of one of his Great Bastards, Brynden Rivers.[3] She replaced Aegon's fifth mistress, Barba Bracken.[4]

The godswood of Raventree Hall contains a statue of Lady Melissa, whom Hoster Blackwood claims was much more beautiful than Barba Bracken. While Barba was buxom, Melissa had a slender frame. When Barba joked that Melissa was flat as a board, Aegon had the Teats renamed from Barba's Teats to Missy's Teats to honor his new mistress.[1]

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