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Second Sons small.png
Second Sons small.png
Allegiance Second Sons
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (Appears)
The Winds of Winter (Appears)

Nail is an apprentice to the Second Sons blacksmith and armorer known as Hammer.[1]


He is a wiry red-haired youth.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Nail, along with the rest of the Second Sons, went over to the Yunkai'i when Brown Ben Plumm thought Daenerys Targaryen's cause was lost.

Hammer is sleeping off a drunk when Tyrion Lannister and Penny arrive at the forge to pick out some company steel after signing with the company. Nail is there to admit them to the wagons to choose weapons and armor. He tells them that most of it is crap iron, but that they're welcome to anything they can use.[2]

References and Notes

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