Old inn by the lakeshore

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An old inn by the lakeshore[1] is located along a lake in the riverlands, presumably the Gods Eye.[N 1]


Located near willows, the inn is a sprawling grey building with timber and turrets. Half of it is built over the lake on pilings, and rough-cut planks lead over the muddy shore to the ferry landing. The inn's stable has a thatched roof, and the yard, which is enclosed by a gated drystone wall, contains a well and a watering trough. Brown ale and roast boar are served at the inn.[1]


In 212 AC, many travelers visited the inn while traveling to attend the wedding tourney at Whitewalls. The ferryman Ned led Ser John the Fiddler and his companions across the water, and the inn was filled with the retinues of Lord Shawney and Lord Costayne. Ser Duncan the Tall asked the innkeep if he and his squire, Egg, could sleep in the stable, but the woman refused. Dunk and Egg instead camped for the night with hedge knights by weirwood stumps along the shore. Lords Shawney and Costayne argued the next day over who should be ferried first, and the hedge knights then had to wait even longer to cross because of the arrival of Lord Smallwood's retinue.[1]


There's an old inn by the lakeshore. Ser Arlan said they brewed a fine brown ale. Might be we could have a taste while we waited for the ferry.[1]


  1. Dunk and Egg see the inn while traveling to Whitewalls, which is near the Gods Eye according to The World of Ice & Fire, "The Targaryen Kings: Aerys I".