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Poisoned Coin, by Paul Guzenko © Fantasy Flight Games

Culture Braavosi
Died 300 AC
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Played by Oengus MacNamara
TV series Game of Thrones: Season 5

An old man is a ship insurer operating in Braavos.[1] His given name is unknown.

In the television adaptation Game of Thrones, the character is renamed "thin man".

Appearance and Character

The old man, who is well past fifty, has a pinched and sharp nose, thin lips, and close-set eyes. He has grey hair and a small pointed black beard, which may be dyed. One shoulder is higher than the other. He constantly moves his long, bony fingers. He bites coins with his remaining teeth, which are on the left side of his mouth. [1]

The insurer has a sharp tone and appears to be disliked by the captains, shipowners, and merchants at the Purple Harbor. A suspicious man, he is always accompanied by two guards, one tall and thin and the other short and thick. He is fond of onion broth, and the shorter guard serves as the man's food tester.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Arya Stark is tasked by plague face, one of the Faceless Men, with assassinating the insurance seller. Arya observes him while disguised as "Cat of the Canals", and his fingers remind her of white spiders. Arya determines that the family of a cheated client has prayed at the House of Black and White for the man's death. The kindly man forbids Arya from killing the target's two guards.[1]

Arya decides that she will kill the old man with poison, which the waif helps her prepare. The kindly man and the waif use the magic of the Faceless Men to give Arya the face of an ugly girl. Since the insurer always bites coins to test if they are legitimate, Arya eventually slips a poisoned coin into the purse of one of his clients. The old man's heart gives out after biting the unsuspecting shipowner's money and consuming the poison. The kindly man rewards Arya by making her an acolyte.[1]


Arya: He is an evil man. His lips are cruel, his eyes are mean, and he has a villain's beard.
Kindly man: He is a man like any other, with light in him and darkness. It is not for you to judge him.[1]

Arya: When I kill him he will look in my eyes and thank me.
Kindly man: If he does, you will have failed. It would be best if he takes no note of you at all.[1]


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