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An outlaw is a person declared outside the protection of the law.


Outlaws sometimes organized in disparate bands, such as the Kingswood Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of Bones and the Brotherhood without banners.[1]

The punishment for outlawry is generally death by hanging.[2][3][4][5][6] A lord's bailiff has the autority to deliver justice to outlaws in the name of his lord.[2][7]


Prince Maegor Targaryen defeated the Giant of the Trident in 31 AC.[8]

The outlaw calling himself Harren the Red took control of Harrenhal at the start of King Aenys I Targaryen's reign.[8]

King Maegor I outlawed the Faith Militant.[8]

In the aftermath of the Dance of the Dragons, bands of outlaws and broken men haunted the roads and woods. Among them were some of the northmen who were part of Lord Cregan Stark's army and stayed in the riverlands at the end of the war.[9]

Lord Benjicot Blackwood's party was thrice attacked by outlaws on their way to Winterfell for the wedding of his aunt, Alysanne Blackwood, to Lord Cregan Stark.[9]

Lady Alys Rivers was said to ruled over outlaws, robber knights and broken men at Harrenhal.[9]

Both Lucinda Penrose and Patricia Redwyne, who came to King's Landing to attend the Maiden's Day Cattle Show, were set upon by outlaws on their way.[10]

Known characters who killed/sent to deal with outlaws

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