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The Plaza of Pride has a monstrous hammered bronze harpy in the centre. © FFG

The Plaza of Pride is a plaza in Astapor. It is an open market where the city's slavers take their customers to view their purchases.

In the centre of the plaza stands a red brick fountain with a monstrous hammered bronze harpy rearing 20 foot tall in its middle.[1] She is the harpy of Ghis, the harpy of Astapor, and the symbol of the Old Empire. She has a woman’s face with gilded hair, ivory eyes and pointed ivory teeth. Yellow water gushes from her heavy breasts, the water smells of brimstone.

In place of arms she has the wings of a bat or a dragon. Her legs are the legs of an eagle and behind she wears a scorpion’s curled and venomous tail. Dangling from her talons is a heavy chain, an open manacle at either end.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

In Astapor, Daenerys Targaryen goes to the Plaza of Pride to inspect the Unsullied soldiers that she is considering purchasing. Her eyes fall on the monstrous harpy. The ground of the plaza is covered in red bricks. It is baking hot in the plaza, waves of heat shimmer off the bricks to make the stepped pyramids of Astapor seem half a dream.

A thousand Unsullied have been marched out of their barracks for Dany’s inspection and drawn up in ten ranks of one hundred before the fountain and its great bronze harpy. Arstan Whitebeard taps the end of his staff in displeasure on the red bricks as he listens to Kraznys mo Nakloz boast to Dany how the Unsullied have been standing in the Plaza of Pride for a day and a night with no food and no water.

When Dany returns to buy the Unsullied she and her khalasar head to the Plaza of Punishment.


Tell the Westerosi whore to lower her eyes. I deal in meat not metal. The bronze is not for sale.[1]
- Kraznys mo Nakloz, to Missandei when Daenerys Targaryen's eyes fall upon the harpy


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