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  • Ages
Dawn Age
Age of Heroes
Age of Dragons
  • Major Events:
The Long Night
The Pact
Doom of Valyria

fr:History of the Seven Crowns Military history

Dawn Age War of the First Men and the children of the forest
Age of Heroes Battle for the Dawn
ca. 700 BC Rhoynar migration
2 BC – 1 AC War of Conquest, Aegon the Conqueror's campaign in Westeros.
37 AC Faith Militant uprising
128129 AC Dance of the Dragons, war of succession for the Iron Throne.
195196 AC Blackfyre Rebellion, civil war.
212 AC Second Blackfyre Rebellion
ca. 250 AC War of the Ninepenny Kings
282283 AC Robert's Rebellion
289 AC Greyjoy Rebellion
298300 AC War of the Five Kings Conflict Beyond the Wall


War of the Five Kings

Empires of old:

Recent events