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Died In 299 AC, the Crownlands
Book A Clash of Kings (mentioned)

Praed is a sellsword recruited by Yoren for the Night's Watch and is part of the group marching north to the Wall.[1][2]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Praed is the first to notice a row of freshly dug graves along the kingsroad when Yoren's band makes its way north not far from King’s Landing.[2]

He is constantly coughing. When Arry wakes up one night, she thinks it is oddly calm, but she doesn't realize what she is missing is Praed's cough. They find the sellsword dead in the morning. He is the first of the group to die and only the fourth recruit Yoren has lost in thirty years as a wandering crow. Yoren strips the dead of his gear, distributing it among the group, handing Praed's longsword to Gendry. They bury Praed where he slept, with Tarber dropping a handful of acorns on his body first, so that an oak might grow to mark the place of the grave.[2][3]