Prince of Dorne (father of Maron)

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House Martell.svgPrince MartellHouse Martell.svg
Allegiance House Martell
Culture Dornishmen
Born or before 146 AC[1]
Died 161174 AC[1]
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Prince Nymeros Martell was the ruling Prince of Dorne and the head of House Martell during the reign of kings Daeron I and Baelor I Targaryen.


He ruled Dorne when the Young Dragon, King Daeron I Targaryen, started his conquest of Dorne in 157 AC. The following year, he and forty of the most powerful Dornish lords bent their knees in the Submission of Sunspear.[2]

After several long years of war, Daeron's brother and successor, King Baelor I Targaryen, walked barefoot from King's Landing to Sunspear in 161 AC to forge a peace between the Iron Throne and Dorne. The Prince accepted Baelor's proposal of peace, and betrothed his daughter and heir, Myriah, to Baelor's cousin, Prince Daeron Targaryen.[3]

After the terms were arranged, he offered Baelor a galley to take him back to King's Landing, but Baelor insisted to walk. The Prince made arrangements to insure Baelor's safely on his way back and commanded Lord Wyl to released Baelor's cousin, Prince Aemon Targaryen.[3]

By 174 AC, his son, Maron, had succeeded him as Prince of Dorne and Lord of Sunspear.[4]


of Dorne
Daeron II
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of Dorne

Blood of Dragons

In the approved on-line roleplaying game Blood of Dragons created by Elio García and Linda Antonsson, he is given the name "Marence Martell", and several more details and events about the character have taken place. However, these details are not considered canonical, and are provided on this article for informational purposes only.[5]


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Last known title holder:
Aliandra Martell
Prince of Dorne
Lord of Sunspear
Succeeded by