Pykewood Peake

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House Peake.svg Captain
Pykewood Peake
Golden Company.svg
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Title Captain[1]
Allegiance Golden Company
Culture Free Cities
Book A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

Pykewood Peake is a sellsword in service to the Golden Company. He is one of the brothers of the exiled Lord Laswell Peake.[2]

Appearance and Character

Pykewood wears his worldly wealth upon his person and a lord’s ransom in golden arm rings. Each ring signifies one year's service with the Golden Company.[1] Pykewood and his brothers—Laswell and Torman—are related to the Peakes of Starpike.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The three Peake brothers are among the captains of the Golden Company presented by Ser Franklyn Flowers to Jon Connington and his companions upon their arrival in the company's camp located south of Volon Therys. Pykewood and the others swear their allegiance to Aegon Targaryen before they invade Westeros.[1]