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The queen of whores, or the queen o' whores, is a whore that Ser Ryman Frey has with him during the Second Siege of Riverrun. After the Red Wedding King Robb Stark's crown was kept by Ryman Frey [1] who later crowns her with it. Her true name is unknown.


She is a crudely spoken, straw-headed (blond) slattern. She has large heavy breasts. She is a drunk.

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

During the Second Siege of Riverrun, while Jaime Lannister is on the gallows, Ryman stomps up the steps drunkenly with his prostitute in tow. She is as drunk as Ser Ryman. Her gown is laced up the front, but someone had undone the laces to her navel, so her breasts are spilling out. On her head Jaime notices a circlet of hammered bronze sitting askew, with runes ringed with small black swords. The whore has no idea who Jaime is and laughs when she sees him, asking aloud who in the seven hells is this one? Jaime informs her with cold courtesy he is the Lord Commander if the Kingsguard. When he refers to her as my lady she replies,

Lady? I’m no lady. I’m the queen.

Jaime tells her that his sister will be very surprised to hear that. She then announces that Lord Ryman himself crowned her and that she is the queen o’ whores. Jaime thinks to himself,

No, my sweet sister holds that title too. [1]

After dismissing Ryman, Jaime Lannister tells him he may take his queen of whores with him but not Robb's crown. [1]


I’m the queen o' whores.[1]

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