Qyle Corbray

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House Corbray.svg King
Qyle Corbray
House Corbray.svg
Full name Qyle Corbray
Title King of the Fingers
Personal Information
Culture Andal
Dynasty House Corbray
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Qyle Corbray was the King of the Fingers and a monarch of House Corbray during the Andal invasion.[1]


Qyle was the wielder of House Corbray's famous blade Lady Forlorn.[1]


King Qyle was the first of the Andal kings to fall to Robar II Royce, after uniting the First Men of the Vale. According to legend, King Robar II personally slew King Qyle after striking Lady Forlorn from his hand. Afterwards, Robar claimed Lady Forlorn for himself.[1]


Last known title holder:
Corwyn Corbray
as Lord of the Five Fingers
King of the Fingers Unknown
Next known title holder:
Qarl Corbray
as Lord of Heart's Home