Ragman's Harbor

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The Ragman's Harbor is a harbor located in the Free City of Braavos. It is located in the west side of the city, southeast of the Drowned Town.[1]


Ragman's Harbor is open to all foreign ships, unlike the Purple Harbor, which tends exclusively to local ships. It is poorer, dirtier, and noisier than the Purple Harbor.[2] Many people make their living around Ragman's Harbor, including porters, mummers, ropemakers, sailmenders, taverners, brewers, bakers, beggars, and whores.[2] The trade tongue, a pidgin developed from a dozen languages, is spoken and gestured along the harbor.[2]

Places near the Ragman's Harbor include the Black Bargeman, the Foghouse, the Sailmender, the Inn of the Green Eel, the Happy Port, the Satin Palace, the Mummer's Ship, the House of Seven Lamps, the Outcast Inn, Moroggo's, the Bloody Bridge, the Cattery, and Pynto's.[1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

While selling mussels, cockles, and clams, Cat of the Canals goes to the Ragman's Harbor nine days out of ten.[2]


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