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The Red Death is a disease from Sothoryos.[1]


Princess Nymeria and her people stayed for a year on Sothoryos. During that time they faced several diseases, including the Red Death.[1]

The Red Death erupted in the slave pens of Gogossos in 25 BC, seventy-seven years after the Doom of Valyria. It swept across the Isle of Tears, and then spread across the rest of the Basilisk Isles. It killed nine of every ten men, who died screaming, bleeding copiously from every body orifice, their skin shredding like wet parchment.[2]

After returning to Oldtown from Sothoryos, Ser Eustace Hightower described several diseases his crew contracted there. One of his men seems to have died from the Red Death, as Eustace reported that three days after the man was bitten by a fly, his skin was sloughing off, and he was bleeding from his ears and cock and arse.[3]


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