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Alias Harren the Red
Red Harren
Title Lord of Harrenhal
King of the Rivers
Allegiance House Hoare
Book(s) The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)

Harren, known as Harren the Red and Red Harren, was an outlaw and bandit of the riverlands. He claimed to be a grandson of the late King Harren Hoare, who had been known as Harren the Black.


With the aid of a castle servant, Red Harren seized both Harrenhal and its infamous lord, Gargon Qoherys, dubbed Gargon the Guest for his habit of attending every wedding in his domain to exercise his right to the first night. Gargon bled to death after being gelded by Harren in the castle's godswood. Harren proclaimed himself Lord of Harrenhal and King of the Rivers.

By the time King Aenys I Targaryen and Lord Tully moved to deal with Harren, they found the castle deserted and all of Gargon's loyal men put to the sword. Harren and his followers returned to banditry. When considering how to deal with another rebel, Jonos Arryn, Aenys worried that King's Landing would be vulnerable to Harren.

Harren's men were eventually routed by a royal host led by Aenys's Hand of the King, Lord Alyn Stokeworth. Harren killed Alyn, only to be killed by the latter's squire,[1] Benard Brune.[2]

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