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When Robb Stark rides to war against the Lannisters, he surrounds himself with highborn warriors. Unlike the Kingsguard, this is not an official order with any sworn vows, but an informal group of battle companions. Just as he rides with a different lord at the head of his army every day in order to know and honor his bannermen, Robb's choice of bodyguards serves to honor the houses from which they are picked. Even if there was no enemy in back of them for hundreds of leagues, but Robb would take no chances. [1]

Most of these fighters are young men, although Dacey Mormont is female, and Wendel Manderly, Robin Flint, and Perwyn Frey are all mature men. At his side during the Battle of the Whispering Wood are thirty young sons of lords, three of whom are killed by Jaime Lannister. Robb's companions continue to fight bravely during his invasion of the Westerlands and to serve him in other critical capacities. When Robb is betrayed at the Red Wedding, his personal guard is killed along with him.

Among the thirty are:



I have fought beside the Young Wolf in every battle, he has not lost one yet. [1]

- Dacey Mormont

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