Ronard Storm

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Ronard Storm

Biographical Information
Full Name Ronard Storm
Alias Ronard the Bastard
Other Titles Storm King
Royal House House Durrandon
Predecessor Morden II Durrandon
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

King Ronard Storm, known as Ronard the Bastard, was a bastard of House Durrandon who became Storm King. Ronard was a fearsome warrior who was named castellan of Storm's End by his half-brother, King Morden II Durrandon. Ronard ruled the Stormlands in all but name, turning back the tide of House Durrandon's decline and took Morden's sister to wife. Within five years he claimed the kingship as well, with Morden's own queen placing Morden's crown on Ronard's head. According to song, she shared Ronard's bed as well. In the meantime Morden II was confined to a cell.

Ronard ruled for nearly thirty years, smashing rebel bannermen and petty kings alike. He also claimed a daughter from every foe who bent the knee. By the time he died, he had supposedly fathered nine-and-ninety sons, mostly bastards, as according to songs Ronard had twenty three wives. For this reason, many smallfolk, still boast of royal blood thousands of years later.[1]


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