Rook's Rest

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The Crownlands and the location of Rook's Rest
The Crownlands and the location of Rook's Rest
Rook's Rest
The Crownlands and the location of Rook's Rest

Rook's Rest[1][2] is the seat of House Staunton in the Crownlands. It is located on the northern shore of Blackwater Bay, west of Crackclaw Point. It is northwest of Driftmark, northeast of Duskendale, and southeast of Maidenpool.[3]


During the Dance of the Dragons, Ser Criston Cole and an army of greens laid siege to Rook's Rest, which was held by blacks. Lord Staunton watched as his surrounding holdings were destroyed. After nine days Rhaenys Targaryen arrived with her dragon, Meleys. Criston, serving as bait, fought the dragon with archers and scorpions until King Aegon II Targaryen and Prince Aemond Targaryen arrived with their own dragons, Sunfyre and Vhagar. Following the Battle of Rook's Rest, the greens put the garrison to the sword and took Lord Staunton's head south to King's Landing. Because of the devastation resulting from the dragon fight, the area west of the castle was a field of ashes. Lord Walys Mooton recovered Rook's Rest for the blacks, but then died in an attempt to kill the wounded dragon Sunfyre.[4]

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