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Allegiance Quill and Tankard
Culture Reach
Born 284 AC or 285 AC[1]
Mother Emma
Book A Feast for Crows (mentioned)

Rosey is the daughter of Emma, a serving wench at the Quill and Tankard in Oldtown.


Rosey has hazel eyes and dimples.[3]

Recent Events

A Feast For Crows

Early in 300 AC, Rosey is fifteen years old and freshly flowered. Her mother, Emma, is demanding a gold dragon for her maidenhead. Pate, a novice at the Citadel, is infatuated with her and desires to pay for Emma's price but he does not have enough money. Rosey introduces Pate to the Alchemist.[3]


Rosey was all that he wanted in the world.[3]

Pate's thoughts

Behind the Scenes

In an early draft of A Feast for Crows, Rosey was the POV character for the prologue. In this version of the prologue, referred to by George R.R. Martin as "The Rosey One," Pate does not exist.[4]