Sack of Harrenhal

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Sack of Harrenhal
Conflict War of the Five Kings
Date 299 AL
Place Harrenhal
Result Stark victory
House Lannister House Stark
Amory Lorch Vargo Hoat (changed side)
Robett Glover (was captive)
garrison of 100 men[1] 100 Northmen
Brave Companions
Amory Lorch+
entire garrison

The Sack of Harrenhal is a battle that took place at Harrenhal during the War of the Five Kings.



After being defeated at the Battle of the Green Fork, Lord Roose Bolton withdrew his forces back across the Green Fork while Lord Tywin Lannister camped at Harrenhal.[2] However Robb Stark attacked the Westerlands, drawing Lord Tywin out of Harrenhal. He named Ser Amory Lorch as castellan and marched out, leaving as a garrison only a hundred men and the Brave Companions, an unsavory sellsword outfit from the eastern continent under the command of Vargo Hoat.[3][4]


Vargo Hoat returned to Harrenhal after one of his raids with at least one hundred captives, claiming to have beaten Lord Roose when he tried to cross a river. Arya Stark, seeing an opportunity, demanded that Jaqen H'ghar help her in freeing the northern prisoners. Under the guise of bringing the guards onion soup, Arya, Jaqen, Rorge and Biter, whose help Jaqen had enlisted, killed the guards watching the northern prisoners and set them free. Unknown to Ser Amory Lorch, a deal had been struck by Vargo Hoat and Lord Roose that Vargo was to turn over the castle. The Brave Companions turned on their former allies, killing many in their beds.[5]


Once the garrison was killed, Lord Roose marched on Harrenhal and Vargo Hoat turned the castle over to him. By taking Harrenhal from House Lannister, Lord Tywin was trapped between Lord Roose's force at Harrenhal and Ser Edmure Tully's at Riverrun, culminating in the next major battle of the War of the Five Kings, the Battle of the Fords. At Harrenhal, Ser Amory Lorch was killed by a large black bear in the bear pit as sport for the Brave Companions.[6]

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