Sailor's Wife

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Braavos.svgSailor's WifeBraavos.svg
Allegiance Happy Port
Culture Braavosi
Issue Lanna

The Sailor's Wife is a prostitute who works at the Happy Port brothel in Braavos.


Her real name is unknown, but she is called the Sailor's Wife because she only beds those who marry her.[1] She sometimes marries three or four times a night. She has a fourteen-year-old daughter, named Lanna, who also works at the brothel.[2]

The Sailor's Wife can speak the Common Tongue of Westeros. She is generous, and quick to laugh, but there is something sad about her. She knows all the gods on the Isle of the Gods, even those that Braavos has forgotten.[2]


The Sailor's Wife's first husband was lost at sea when she was no older than fourteen. Every month, she visits the temples on the Isle of the Gods to pray for his return. However, according to the prostitute Yna who tasted her blood, her first husband is dead.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Dareon pays for the right to bed the Sailor's Wife for one night by marrying her. When Samwell Tarly finds out, he confronts Dareon and they fight, until Samwell is thrown out of the Happy Port.[1]

Arya Stark, disguised as the Braavos street urchin and fishmonger Cat of the Canals, becomes friends with the prostitutes of the Happy Port, including the Sailor's Wife. When the Sailor's Wife marries, she insists that her new husband buy oysters from Cat's barrow.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

Arya Stark recalls walking through Braavos with the Sailor's Wife, who told her tales of the stranger gods of the city.[3]



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