Samarro Saan

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Lys.svg Captain
Samarro Saan
the Last Valyrian
Alias The Last Valyrian
Race Valyrian
Culture Lysene

Samarro Saan, known as the Last Valyrian, was a Lysene pirate who became one of the infamous Band of Nine, the instigators of the War of the Ninepenny Kings.[1] He is an ancestor of Salladhor Saan.[2]


The Band of Nine were a group of merchants, sellswords, and pirates, who joined together to carve kingdoms out for themselves. Samarro Saan was one of them, a notorious pirate from a notorious family of pirates from Lys.[1]

Behind the Scenes

In early chapter drafts, Samarro was said to have gifted old Valyrian scrolls to Maelys I Blackfyre containing information to wake dragons out of stone. This information was scrapped entirely from George's published works, however.[3]


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