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Serjeant[1][2][3] or Sergeant[4][5][6] is a rank of command used in many armed forces, such as the gold cloaks, and other organizations. Great houses also have serjeants.

The free companies, such as the Golden Company, have the rank of serjeant, which indicates a high-ranking officer.[7] Slave soldiers can also be made serjeants.[8]

Known serjeants

Serjeants of the Golden Company

Other serjeants


Day or night, the benches below the salt were never less than half-full with men drinking, dicing, talking, or sleeping in their clothes in quiet corners. Their serjeants would kick them awake when it came their turn to shrug back into their cloaks and walk the walls.[11]

Theon Greyjoy's thoughts

Sour and saturnine, with a maimed hand Hungerford had been a company paymaster for a time, until the Tattered Prince had caught him stealing from the coffers and removed three of his fingers. Now he was just a serjeant.[13]

Quentyn Martell's thoughts

They were hard men, brusque and brutal and not well spoken, with scars and weathered faces that spoke of long service in the free companies.[9]