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Allegiance Drowned men
Culture Ironborn
Book(s) The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)
For the cog renamed Shrike, see Dove.

The Shrike was a priest of the Drowned God who lived during the reign of Harmund III Hoare, King of the Iron Islands.[1] His given name is unknown.


When Harmund the Handsome announced that reavers would be hanged as pirates rather than celebrated, outlawed the taking of salt wives, declaring the children of such unions no more than bastards with no right to inheritance, and was considering to put an end to the practice of thralldom, the Shrike began to preach against him.

Soon other priests took up the cry, and the lords of the Iron Islands listened. Septons and their followers stood by King Harmund, but the Shrike managed to overthrow Harmund bloodlessly. Afterward, the Shrike himself took the deposed king's tongue so me may never again speak "lies and blasphemies". Harmund was also blinded and his nose cut off so "all men might see him for the monster he is". Harmund's brother, Hagon Hoare, was declared king. Hagon allowed the mutilation of his own mother, Dowager Queen Lelia Lannister, whom the Shrike blamed for turning her husband, Harmund II Hoare, and their sons away from the Drowned God to the Faith of the Seven.

Hagon the Heartless was brought down by the westermen led by Ser Aubrey Crakehall, who wanted vengeance for the mutilation of Lelia. Surprisingly, Aubrey then claimed the kingship of the Iron Isles for himself. The reign of "King Aubrey" lasted less than half a year before he was captured by the ironborn and sacrificed to the sea by the Shrike himself.[1]

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