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Sistermen are the inhabitants of the Three Sisters, an archipelago located in the Bite.


Some Sistermen, such as the Borrells, have webbing between their hands and feet, which they call the mark.[1] Some Westerosi pejoratively consider Sistermen to have fishbreath.[2]

The Sistermen originally worshiped the Lady of the Waves and the Lord of the Skies instead of the old gods adopted by the First Men of the mainland. They would also cast dwarfs into the sea as an offering to the gods, but septons stopped the practice after the coming of the Andals.[1]

Sister's stew is a popular dish in the Three Sisters.[1] Some Sistermen use false lights to cause unsuspecting ships to wreck.[1]

According to a semi-canon source, Sistermen can wear sealskin cloaks.[3]


The Sistermen were once a free people whose rulers acted as pirate kings.[1] In response to the Rape of the Three Sisters, the Sistermen bent the knee to the Eyrie to expel the invading northmen, ending the era of native kings. The Kings of Mountain and Vale from House Arryn and Kings in the North from House Stark fought over the Three Sisters for a thousand years in the War Across the Water,[4] depleting much of the islands' resources.[1] Some Sistermen still resent northmen.[1]

The islanders briefly rebelled against the Arryns in the Sistermen's Rebellion amid Aegon's Conquest.[5]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Lark the Sisterman dies beyond the Wall and rises as a wight.[6]

A Dance with Dragons

When Davos Seaworth is brought before Lord Godric Borrell at Breakwater, he sees the mark on the hands of Godric and the lord's granddaughter.[1]

The Winds of Winter

This information has thus far been released in a sample chapter for The Winds of Winter, and might therefore not be in finalized form. Keep in mind that the content as described below is still subject to change.

Some Sistermen arrive at the Gates of the Moon to compete for the Brotherhood of Winged Knights.[3]


Davos had heard that some of the lords of the Three Sisters had webbed hands and feet, but he had always put that down as just another sailor's story.[1]

—thoughts of Davos Seaworth

Myranda: They’re from the Sisters. Did you ever know a Sisterman who could joust? They clean their swords with codfish oil and wash in tubs of cold seawater.

Alayne: Well, at least they’re clean.

Myranda: Some of them have webs between their toes.[3]

Myranda Royce and Alayne (Sansa Stark)

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