Sloe-Eyed Maid

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The Sloe-Eyed Maid is a trading ship.

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Daenerys Targaryen finds the Sloe-Eyed Maid in the port of Qarth. She considers the ship too small for her purposes.[1]

A Dance With Dragons

Davos Seaworth is served sister's stew while at Breakwater. Lord Godric Borrell tells him the stew's spices were from a sloe-eyed maid. Godric explains a ship sailing to Braavos was blown from the Bite into the rocks of Sweetsister.[2]

While Davos is at the Lazy Eel in White Harbor, a Braavosi oarsman recounts a tale he heard from the captain's steward of the Sloe-Eyed Maid while the ship was in Pentos. The captain of the Sloe-Eyed Maid had refused to transport Daenerys Targaryen from Qarth, claiming that spices were more profitable and less dangerous than dragons.[3] Instead, the ship may have eventually been lured to its doom by a false light of the Sistermen.


She was making for Braavos, but a gale swept her into the Bite and she smashed up against some of my rocks. So you see, you are not the only gift the storms have brought me. The sea's a treacherous cruel thing.[2]

When we were down in Pentos we moored beside a trader called the Sloe-Eyed Maid, and I got to drinking with her captain's steward. He told me a pretty tale about some slip of a girl who come aboard in Qarth, to try and book passage back to Westeros for her and three dragons. Silver hair she had, and purple eyes. ‘I took her to the captain my own self,' this steward swore to me, ‘but he wasn't having none of that. There's more profit in cloves and saffron, he tells me, and spices won't set fire to your sails.'[3]

—oarsman to Davos Seaworth

The gods were cruel to let a man sail across half the world, then send him chasing a false light when he was almost home. That captain was a bolder man than me.[3]

—thoughts of Davos Seaworth