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Apes are large humanoid creatures native to the island of Leng, the continent of Sothoryos, and the Summer Isles. They are related to monkeys


Apes are known to live on three islands of the Summer Isles: Jhala, Omboru, and Walano. The species of apes on Jhala are called "silver pelts", and live in the mountains. The species of apes on Omboru are known as "old red men". On Walano, there is a species of apes that is known as the "night stalkers".[1] On the continent of Sothoryos, it is said there are apes in the forests south of Yeen that dwarf the largest giants.[2] The great apes of Leng are also far-famed.[3]

Anatomy and physiology

Apes are squat and hairy.[4] Some may have huge hands and be covered with black hair.[5] Those on Jhala possess silver pelts and on Omburo they are colored a shade of red.[1] The giant apes of Sothoryos are supposedly so large and powerful that they can slay elephants with a single blow.[2] Some of the apes on Leng are spotted humpback apes said to be almost as clever as men and others are hooded apes as large as giants and are supposedly so strong that they can pull the arms and legs off a man as easily as a boy might pull the wings off a fly.[3]


After actions taken by Malthar Xaq and other princes of the Summer Isles began a new era of exploration and trade for their people, a fashion developed amongst the dragonlords of Valyria for apes from the islands.[1]

After the death of Queen Visenya Targaryen's fool, Lord Monkeyface, she acquired an ape and dressed it in his clothing.[6] She was wont to say that this "new one" was cleverer than the previous one.[6]

According to Ser Axell Florent, there once was a Targaryen princeling who kept an ape as a pet. This prince reportedly liked to dress the creature in his dead son's clothes and pretend he was a child and from time to time would even propose marriages for him, although the lords so honored always declined politely.[7][N 1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

When Arya Stark first looks upon Rorge, he reminds her of a drawing she had once seen in a book of an ape from the Summer Isles.[5]

A Feast for Crows

When Victarion Greyjoy looks upon the crew of his brother's galley, the Silence, he notes that some of the men are as squat and hairy as the apes of Sothoryos.[4]

A Dance with Dragons

Davos Seaworth recalls that during a feast at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, Ser Axell Florent had entertained the table with the tale of a Targaryen princeling who had kept an ape as a pet. His story was intended as a slight to Davos, who some at the table viewed as akin to an ape dressed in silk and velvet in his role as the king's Hand.[7] One of the Brazen Beasts assigned to guard the iron doors outside the pit where Viserion and Rhaegal are chained within the Great Pyramid of Meereen wears a mask with the likeness of an ape.[8] Gerris Drinkwater wears a similar mask when he and others attempt to steal one of the dragons.[9]


Even dressed in silk and velvet, an ape remains an ape.[8]


  1. As Queen Visenya and Lady Baela are the only Targaryen known to have had an ape as a pet, Axell Florent's tale, meant to insult Davos Seaworth, is potentially a bastardized telling of their stories.


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