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Squirrel by Amuelia.png
Squirrel by Amuelia ©

Allegiance Mance Rayder
Culture Free folk
Born beyond the Wall[1]
Died 300 AC
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Squirrel is a spearwife of the free folk.[2]

Appearance and Character

Squirrel has mousy brown hair. She always walks soft-footed.[3]

The spearwife gained her name because of her natural climbing skills.[3]


Squirrel was twelve when she first climbed the Wall with her brother to raid in the Seven Kingdoms.[3]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Squirrel accompanies Mance Rayder along with five other spearwives to Winterfell on a mission to free "Arya Stark" (the girl is actually Jeyne Poole), who is to wed Ramsay Bolton. Mance disguises himself as "Abel", a singer, and the six spearwives pretend to be his mother, wife, two daughters, and two sisters, who perform the instruments with him. Squirrel is said to be one of the daughters. Abel and the spearwives play at the wedding feast.[4]

After several men-at-arms and squires are found dead at Winterfell, Theon Greyjoy disbelieves the spearwives' claims of innocence.[5][3] They later enlist the help of a reluctant and fearful Theon in freeing Jeyne.[5][3] The six spearwives, disguised as maids and accompanied by Theon, walk into Jeyne's room under the pretext of bringing hot water so Jeyne can have a bath. Squirrel switches clothes with Jeyne so the girl can leave disguised as a maid with the other five. Squirrel is then to climb down the tower once they are gone.[3]

According to a letter Ramsay sends to Jon Snow at Castle Black, Mance has been captured and now wears the skins of the six women who accompanied him to Winterfell.[6]


I was twelve the first time my brother took me raiding south o' your Wall. That's where I got my name. My brother said I looked like a squirrel running up a tree. I've done that Wall six times since, over and back again. I think I can climb down some stone tower.[3]

—Squirrel to Theon Greyjoy