Steely Pate

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Steely Pate
Steely Pate by Even Mehl Amundsen.jpg
Steely Pate, by Even Mehl Amundsen ©

Alias Pate[1]
Title Goodman
Culture Reach
Born Westeros[2]

Played by TBA[3]
TV series A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight: Season 1

Steely Pate was a blacksmith in the Reach during the reign of King Daeron II Targaryen.

Appearance and Character

Steely Pate was a short man with huge hands. He stood no more than five feet tall. The smith's thick chest and arms were covered in coarse black hair, and he had a black beard.[1]

Pate was proud of his steel, which was plain looking, but strong. Ser Duncan the Tall did not consider the armorer to be humble.[1]

The blacksmith wore a short leather cloak. A sword and anvil were painted on the side of his wagon.[1]


Steely Pate sold Ser Duncan the Tall new armor at the tourney at Ashford Meadow. Duncan sold the palfrey Sweetfoot to Henly so that he could afford the armor.[1] Pate also remade Duncan's oaken shield and had it painted by Tanselle.[1] The smith accompanied Duncan to the trial of seven held at Ashford Meadow, and he tried to help the mortally-wounded Prince Baelor Targaryen after the battle.[1]

Duncan lost his armor, sword, and horse Thunder when he lost to Ser Uthor Underleaf in the wedding tourney at Whitewalls. Uthor was dismissive of the armor's quality, but Duncan defended it, saying it was made by Steely Pate. Later, Duncan paid his ransom to Uthor with gold loaned by Lord Brynden Rivers, who was grateful to Duncan for his help in suppressing the Second Blackfyre Rebellion.[4]

Quotes by Pate

Duncan: You do good work.
Pate: None better.[1]

Duncan the Tall and Pate

Duncan: What am I to them?
Pate: A knight who remembered his vows.[1]

Duncan the Tall and Pate

Look what he's done to me armor. All dinted and banged and scratched. Aye, I ask you, why do I bother?[1]

—Pate to Egg and Raymun Fossoway

Quotes about Pate

Uthor: I have my own armor, and a better horse than yours. What do I want with some old done nag and a sack of dinted plate and rusty mail?"
Duncan: Steely Pate made that armor. Egg has taken good care of it. There's not a spot of rust on my mail, and the steel is good and strong.[4]