Steffon Connington

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House Connington.svg Ser
Steffon Connington
House Connington.svg
Title Ser[1]
Allegiance House Connington
Culture Stormlander
Born or before 117 AC[2]
Died 133 AC[3]
Dornish Marches[3]
Father Lord Connington
Spouse Lady Elenda Baratheon

Steffon Connington was a knight from House Connington and the second husband of the Dowager Lady Elenda Baratheon of Storm's End.[1]

Appearance and Character

Steffon was handsome and a fierce warrior.[1]


Ser Steffon was the second son of Lord Connington of Griffin's Roost.[1]

With Lord Borros Baratheon dead after the Dance of the Dragons and his son, Lord Royce Baratheon a mere infant, attacks from Dornish raiders in the Marches became increasingly common. Lady Elenda, regent of Storm's End, felt she needed a strong man's hand to keep the peace, and thus married Steffon, who was twenty years her junior.[1]

In 133 AC he was slain by Wyland Wyl in the Dornish Marches while pursuing raiders across the marches, and Elenda was widowed once more.[3]


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