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Oberyn's statement to Tyrion in A Storm of Swords mentions that Daeron's conquests were undone in a fortnight after the death of Lord Tyrell. I didn't get the impression that this only happened two weeks after the conquest itself as Lord Tyrell was described as traveling from castle to castle before meeting his demise.

You are right. What Oberyn said was: "This Tyrell moved with his tail from keep to keep, chasing rebels and making certain that our knees stayed bent. He would arrive in force, take a castle for his own, stay a moon's turn, and ride on to the next castle. <mentions the dead of Lord Tyrell>
His death lit a fire that soon swept across Dome, undoing all the Young Dragon's victories in a fortnight."

So we should change it. Scafloc 10:43, 30 September 2007 (EDT)