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some info that could be used here or at the wall article, not sure exactly where.

  • A single horn blast is used to herald arriving brothers of the Watch. Two horn blasts seem to warn of attack (II: 457)
  • Three horn blasts have not been sounded in thousands of years (III: 14)
  • Three horn blasts warn of the Others approaching (III: 14)
  • Two short horn blasts followed by a long one is a call to mount up (III: 204)

  • Each patrol on the Wall is made up of four men, two rangers and two builders. The builders note cracks, melting, and other structual problems, while the rangers look for signs of foes. The patrols ride mules because of their surefootedness, specially trained for the duty (III: 298)
  • One patrol in four follow the base of the Wall to search for cracks in the foundation of the ice or signs of tunneling (III: 298)
  • Lord Commander Qorgyle used to send patrols out every third day from Castle Black to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, and every second day from Castle Black to the Shadow Tower, but the Watch had more men in his day (III: 298)
  • Lord Commander Mormont varys the number of patrols and the days of their departure, to make it more difficult for the wildlings to know their comings and goings. Sometimes a larger force will be sent to one of the abandoned castles for a fortnight or a moon's turn as well, which was suggested by the First Ranger, Benjen Stark (III: 298, 299)


Perhaps it should be mentioned in the article that the Night's Watch became also a way for smallfolk-boys and men with no other choice for food and shelter, that there are also economical reasons to take the black. --Exodianecross 01:38, 21 February 2015 (UTC)