Tarle the Thrice-Drowned

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Tarle the Thrice-Drowned
Tarle the thrice drowned got art by moonxels-dc91dre.jpg
Tarle by David Demaret © Fantasy Flight Games

Title Priest of the Drowned God
Culture Ironborn
Book A Feast for Crows (mentioned)

Tarle the Thrice-Drowned is a priest of the Drowned God. He is renowned for his incredible success rate when performing the kiss of life, a rate only surpassed by Aeron Greyjoy.[1]


When Balon Greyjoy first named himself King of the Iron Islands at the Grey King's Hall, Tarle the Thrice-Drowned placed a driftwood crown upon his head.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Tarle adds his voice to Aeron Greyjoy's in calling for a kingsmoot.[3]

Asha Greyjoy informs her uncle, Victarion Greyjoy, that Tarle has been overheard saying that Lord Maron Volmark is the true heir to the "black line".[2]

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