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Location location
Government seat, seat_type
Population population
Religion religion
Size size
Founded founded
Named for named_for
Destroyed destroyed
Notable places places
Organizations organizations

Complete empty syntax

Complete empty syntax for quick copy paste to Settlement entries without the infobox. All fields are optional and will not display, unless given value to it.

{{Infobox Settlement
| name		=
| image		=
| image_caption	=

| location	=
| settlement_type=
| seat		=
| seat_type	=
| religion	=
| population	=
| size		=
| founded	=
| destroyed	=
| named_for	=

| places	=
| organizations	=

Parameter names and descriptions

name Settlement name.
location Its geographic location: Region, Continent and or very short Free text description.
settlement_type Any type can be entered, such as City, Town, Village, etc. Specific can be added to distinguish it for example City State, Port city etc.
seat The local seat of government and/or who rule here.
seat_type Type of government
founder The name of the settlement's founder
named_for The source of the name of the settlement (a person, a place, et cetera)
religion Mixed or its dominant religion.
places List of the most notable locations. NOT a list of all the locations in the city.
organizations List of the most notable organizations based or working in the city. NOT a list of all the organizations in the city.