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Franklyn Flowers
Golden Company pike.png
Golden Company pike.png
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Alias the Bastard of Cider Hall
The Brown Apple
Title Ser
Allegiance Golden Company
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons

Ser Franklyn Flowers, also known as the Bastard of Cider Hall, is a knight in service to the Golden Company.



Franklyn is a big-bellied, shambling hulk of a man with a seamed face crisscrossed with old scars. His right ear looks as if a dog had chewed on it and his left ear is missing entirely. He wears a lord’s ransom in golden arm rings, he may wear at least twelve of them, one for each year he has served with the company. [1]


He claims that his mother was a washerwoman at Cider Hall who was raped by one of the Lord's sons. Due to this, Franklyn loathes Fossoways. He has been with the Golden Company for at least a dozen years. He knows Griff and remembers him from when he served with Golden Company twelve years ago. He was knighted sometime after Griff left the company.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Franklyn is present during Jon Connington’s rendezvous with the Golden Company three miles south of Volon Therys. During the discussions about how to meet up with Daenerys Targaryen in Meereen, Franklyn suggests the land route but Harry replies that the demon road is death.

Prince Aegon tells the men that he is the only dragon that they need and that Dany should come to him in Westeros. Franklyn likes his suggestion that they sail west, not east. He laughs and says,

Leave the little queen to her olives and seat Prince Aegon upon the Iron Throne. The boy has stones I give him that. [1]

Harry Strickland doesn’t like that proposal and remarks they need Daenerys, however after further discussion the tide turns and the Golden Company opts to head for Westeros.

Franklyn is one of the first to swear his allegiance to Aegon Targaryen. He remarks that he looks forward to attacking the Reach and killing some Red-Apple Fossoways. [2] Franklyn then takes Aegon to meet the men of the Golden Company.

Once in Westeros Franklyn takes part in the taking of Griffin's Roost. Trees had been allowed to encroach on the field beyond the castle’s gatehouse, so Flowers was able to use the brush for concealment, leading his men within twenty yards of the gates before emerging from the trees with a ram that the men had fashioned back at camp. The gate turned out to be closed - but not barred - and it gave away at the second blow. [3]

Ravens were quickly dispatched by the castle but were taken out by the Golden Company’s expert archers . When Griff told Franklyn Flowers there were to be no more messages, the next thing to come flying from the maester’s tower is the maester.

During the victor's feast in Griffin's Roost's great hall, Jon Connington presided from the Griffin’s Seat while Franklyn Flowers shared the high table with Homeless Harry Strickland, Black Balaq, and the three young griffins they had taken captive.

Franklyn is later present during Jon Connington’s war council held at Griffin's Roost. [3]


So long as I can kill some Fossoways I’m for it.
- if Franklyn Flowers follows through with this statement it will make him a kinslayer

Makes me a sort o’ brown apple Fossoway, the way I see it.
- Franklyn Flowers, on being a Fossoway bastard

References and Notes

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