The Five Forts

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The Five Forts are many, many leagues to the east of the Bone Mountains. Forts are usually military constructions and buildings designed for defense.

The Five Forts appear to be five man-made forts that may guard and defend the south-western borders of the Land of the Shrykes and the cities of K'Dath and Bonetown. How long they have been in existence is not known.

They appear to be quite large and formidable. Whom the peoples of that part of the world need to defend themselves from is not known. They may be in good repair as they are not marked as ruins in the map collection The Lands of Ice and Fire. The Five Forts appear to be guarding the only entrance to that part of the world as there are natural borders, such as the Bleeding Sea, preventing entrance from other westerly directions.

Behind the Scenes

The Five Forts have not yet been mentioned in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels and only appear in the map collection The Lands of Ice and Fire.

Wonders Made by Man

Thus far there are four confirmed man-made wonders. In total there are nine, meaning that five more are so far unidentified. It is possible that the Five Forts may be one of the unknown wonders, if Lomas Longstrider managed to reach that far east. It is said that he “traveled the world.”

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