The Harpy

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The Harpy
Allegiance Sons of the Harpy
Culture Ghiscari
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

The Harpy is the name used to refer to the possible leader of the Sons of the Harpy.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Skahaz mo Kandaq expresses his belief to Daenerys Targaryen that the Sons of the Harpy are being led by someone called "the Harpy". Daenerys is skeptical about the existence of a Harpy, and tells Skahaz, but he remains convinced.[1] The Brazen Beasts are commanded to capture Sons of the Harpy, who provide names for the Harpy's identity when are questioned under torture, but according to Daenerys the names are simply too many.

When Hizdahr zo Loraq is able to halt the murders committed by the Sons of the Harpy for twenty-six days in a row, Skahaz tells Daenerys that Hizdahr might be the Harpy, and that if he is not, he is aware of the Harpy's identity. He asks permission to "put Hizdahr to the question", but Daenerys refuses the notion, insisting no harm may come to Hizdahr.[1]

After Daenerys has disappeared from Meereen upon Drogon, Skahaz has a secret meeting with Ser Barristan Selmy. He lists the Harpy, Reznak mo Reznak, and Hizdahr among the friends of the Wise Masters of Yunkai.[2] Skahaz is still not convinced that Hizdahr is not the Harpy.[2] When Barristan goes to arrest Hizdahr, he asks Hizdahr whether or not he is indeed the Harpy, insisting that Hizdahr provide the Harpy's name if it is someone else. Hizdahr is deeply offended by the questions.[3] Hizdahr is arrested by Barristan, causing the Sons of the Harpy to resume their killings. After three nights of murders, Skahaz tells Barristan "The Harpy wants Hizdahr free, so he has sent his sons back into the streets with knives in hand".[3] When meeting with Galazza Galare, Barristan wonders to himself whether Hizdahr was able to stop the murders committed by the Harpy's Sons earlier because he himself is the Harpy.[3]

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